Thursday, November 1, 2007

RubyConf 2007

I'll be attending my first RubyConf here in Charlotte this weekend and there's a lot of great stuff on the agenda. In addition, I learned from Bill Plummer that Microsoft is hosting an event Thursday night with John Lam talking about IronRuby. Unfortunately, I will have to miss it but I hope that John will duplicate the best parts of it in his RubyConf talk Saturday morning. Charlie Nutter follows that with his JRuby presentation. Of course, "Writing Client and Desktop Applications in Ruby" by Bruce Williams also caught my eye, as I am a desktop apps developer.

There's been a bit of a lull in my blog postings (and replies to readers) of late, as I've been swamped with work, but I plan to post more frequently going forward. I have a few topics suggested by readers, but welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have. I still feel that Windows is Ruby's red-headed stepchild, with far more potential than the attention given to it. That may change (somewhat) in the future as projects such as IronRuby and the Ruby.Net compiler mature.

And if you're at RubyConf, stop by and say 'Hey!'


Anonymous said...

Hey David!

I've been missing your posts. You're the penultimate Rubindows blogger. I know work drains us all, but I'll buy your next book if you keep up the posts for all us red headed ruby step children!


David Mullet said...

Thanks, Paul!

I promise to get back to regular posts, as long as I feel I have something of value to write about.

"I'll buy your next book..."

Well, that's at least ONE buyer. [grin]