Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruby on NetBeans: Here Comes the Cavalry

As recently reported, the NetBeans IDE team has decided to drop support for Ruby (and Rails) from NetBeans 7.0.

I have received many good suggestions from readers, with RedCar and RubyMine getting a lot of love.

But wait! What's that? It sounds like trumpets off in the distance... and hoofbeats.

Indeed, Tom Enebo is leading the cavalry to save the day, as he reported in the JRuby forum recently:

I have been talking to Netbeans team about us adopting the project and this is a done deal. Putting together some details and you should see a blog post about this in the next few days. So, if you like using Netbeans dont worry, it will still be an available option in the plugins catalog (not sure about the full Ruby product as an independent download from netbeans site yet).
Good news for all those that would like to continue to use NetBeans with Ruby.

Thanks, Tom!


Anonymous said...

i migrated to rubymine after the bad news about netbeans, and currently i find it way better than netbeans, so they just lost a user...and probably a lot more like me

Brazen said...

Yep. I moved to eclipse with radrails. We'll see how well it works with rvm and git. Haven't used it much yet.

Anonymous said...

Its to bad they stopped support ruby. I hope more people will learn ruby to bring back support. If your interested in learning check out my blog